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Ack! Sorry! The lack of pages this week (and possibly next week) are due to renovations
at my house, which unfortunately lead to very little computer access, but fortunately
lead to a beautiful new room for me. XD (Also, I was away for my birthday this weekend,
and I've been having work troubles keeping me busy.) Anywho, back soon as I can,
and sorry for the absence! ;O;

Well, it’s June 2nd, and the contest is now closed.

First off I want to say thank you so, so much to everyone who participated for your
truly awesome entries! Please check them out in both the Stitches and Arkaedea galleries
– special thanks to Jyinxe, NegativeProtons, Kaiya and Magicmumu for the Stitches entries, and to
Tasha, Remy, whirly-twirly-fangirly, and Ayra for the Arkaedea entries. Seriously, I
absolutely adore every single one! ;O;

It was actually extremely difficult to choose winners, but in the end Gemma and I
decided on bestowing Remy 1st place for her gorgeous Roxene portrait, and
Ayra 2nd place for her hilarious Stitches/Arkaedea crossover story.

If I had the time for more commissions, I definitely would have appointed more winners,
but unfortunately this is it. Still, thank you again to everyone who sent submissions - they
all meant so much to me, and I truly appreciated them! Thank you!! ;O;

Contest Time!

Stitches is officially having a fanworks contest -
stories/poems/artwork/oekaki/whatever are all happily accepted, so long
as they feature either Stitches or Arkaedea characters in some way.
Entries can be submitted via email (which MUST be properly titled with
"Stitches Contest Entry", sent to with either a link
to the content on another site (deviantart, for example) or the content
itself. Entries must be created and submitted between now and June 1st.

Entires will be judged on sheer awesomeness by myself and Gemma
(my sister/creator of Galacticus). The winner will receive a
free full-colour commission from me of whatever they like, and
the runner up will receive a free pencil sketch. (More info
on my commissions can be found at

Good luck to everyone, and I can't wait to see your entries! :D

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