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Author's Comments: Advertisement, May 21st, 2019, 6:11 pm

User's Comments: GoddessxOfxChaos (Guest), October 19th, 2010, 7:49 pm

Uh Oh... The female cheetah/leapard/slut must die for upsetting Cheska the mighty. Love all of your works, and you now have a comic-stakler on your hands.

Miki (Guest), October 19th, 2010, 11:07 pm

Its perfect I've always wanted leopard skin boots! D<

Ayra, October 20th, 2010, 7:52 am

Kill her and skin her..? That's a bit harsh!

I'm personally more thinking of giving her a slap on the wrist and waggle a finger in front of her face while saying "Tut tut, don't do that anymore". Who knows, it might be enough without resorting to anything drastic!

Anyway... What is that thing exactly..? A throne chair with blood on it..? Is that part of Cheska's dreams? I wonder who got stabbed, and if someone did genuinely get stabbed or it's just one of Cheska's nightmares that's causing all the problems around...

Orrrr... it might just be Cheska watching one of those Castoil (sp?) TV commercials where people laugh at other people problems while sitting on their couch and then get splashed by motor oil sludge. If that's the case, then I hope this throne chair is made out of the same material as those super outdoor waterproof couch we've seen a few pages back...

Lynnix (Guest), October 24th, 2010, 5:34 pm

Sluuuuuuuuuut... Rawr!

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