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Author's Comments: yeaka, January 13th, 2012, 5:01 am


LittleK-chan – No, her mom’s fine with homosexuality; she’s just skittish about relationships in general from her own past with Rox’s father. ;P

Rainbow Ellen – You’re close in that it’s not about homosexuality, but it’s also not because Seth is Rii. ;) You hit it with she’s just been burned by “love” ^^

Ayra – Haha, maybe I’ll be a fashion designer someday and just make Rox’s clothes. XD And I’m glad you like Rox’s mom. :) She has problems, but she’s trying. ^^; And it takes a full day or two to do Arkaedea pages. :P They do take a bit longer than Stitches as there’s more detail and the toning’s more complicated. However, they are smaller than Stitches, as Ark was originally created for a Tea Tales pocket book and Stitches for a Tea Tales magazine, so it almost balances out. Stitches took just under one day, usually, if I did nothing else from getting up to going to sleep. ^^; And yeah, I probably should get a better link going... I have them both advertised on DA, and linked in each other’s link pages, and a comic page in each comic advertising the other, but it’s hard to find somewhere to put a really obvious link… especially with Loving You, too – I’ve got so many comics it’s not just a simple option ^^;… Maybe I’ll put something up on the news page… :P

EDIT: Nvm! I added link/banner/ads to the front/news/main page. :) Thank you for the suggestion, Ayra! <3

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User's Comments: Calocor, January 15th, 2012, 4:55 am

Sigh Why is it people still have problems with homosexuals, sigh we live in an educated society and people are still predujist (sorry bout the spelling) I mean my mother has the same look on her face every time my sister brings her girlfriend over to my house for dinner sigh people these days oh well it can't be helped I guess

Ayra, January 19th, 2012, 8:17 am

Calocor: Well... If your mother actually still talks to your sister and lets them come over for dinner, there's hope that your mother will eventually warm up to them in time. It's better than the "You are not welcome here anymore until you go straight" that I've seen firsthand... But I agree completely with you that a situation like your sister's shouldn't even happen. Let's hope your mother gets to eventually understand her daughter!

Yeah, I can see Roxenne's mother is pretty bitter... The last panel makes me feel that she's more talking about herself/Roxenne than about the house. But maybe all she'll need is to see her daughter's beaming smile when she's with Seth to change her mind :)

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