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Author's Comments: yeaka, May 10th, 2010, 1:59 am


whirly-twirly-fangirly - Thank you! I'm really glad you like it - sometimes I do feel like people don't really care about about this one as much, but it's good to know there are people out there who enjoy arkaedea. ^^ (And any contest entries would be much loved! :D)

Ayra - Haha, I know the feeling. XD In fact, the rainy-ness of my hometown is probably the reason Stitches is always raining... :P

EDIT 05/10/10:

Ayra - First of all, you just made my month! Without a doubt, by far the longest and most involved comment I've ever gotten, and believe me, I truly appreciate the feedback. Obviously I love every note left on my comics, but every once in a while it's wonderful to hear the thoughts of someone who's truly interested and understands my writing/art. I think one of every author/artist's main goals is to touch someone with their work, if even only in the smallest and most insignificant of ways, and you always make me feel like I've achieved that. ;O;

Anyway, I am aware that Arkaedea is less popular for a reason, and you're right, a lot of it probably does have to do with the fact that it's been around for less time, the main struggles have very little to do with insecurities over their relationship, and overall the plot clearly is less... put together, I guess. I do gripe about it's lack of popularity sometimes (mainly just out of petty annoyance because I can be a fairly immature person sometimes, and Arkaedea - oddly enouch - actually takes me about twice as much time to do as my Stitches pages and Gemma's Galacticus pages combined, which is also frustrating. It tends to have more detail/varying backgrounds/more range in the toning, I suppose.) but I do understand the reasons, and they are fair. And I have absolutely no intention of changing it anyway, even if it would get me more readers. :P

To be honest, I mainly created Arkaedea to be a breather from Stitches. Don't get me wrong, I do really love Stitches, but I originally wrote it years ago, and while I'm sure the confined nature of Stitches is part of its main interest (it is for me, anyway), I did start to feel like I needed a bit of an artistic break. Stitches also has very limited settings, limited tones, limited character designs, and, perhaps the hardest thing for me, Lor only has one outfit. XD That's my favourite thing about Roxene - new outfits! And one of my favourite things about Seth is that she's a completely new design. In a way, Arkaedea is just my breath of fresh air - you had it absolutely right about there being such a contrast between the two comics.

But anyway, I do love them both, and while I may whine about it from time to time, I do understand the lack of interest in this comic. But oh well, I made it for me, and it does serve it's purpose. And I'm not going to change it. And I am extremely glad that in the end I'm not the only one who likes it. ;) Thank you again so, so much for your comment, and I'm so glad I could brighten your mondays! ^^

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User's Comments: Ayra, May 10th, 2010, 10:40 am

"I do feel like people don't really care about about this
one as much"

Hmm... While it's not my case personally (I love Arkaedea), I think that you might be correct overall for a few reasons. Here's the list of reasons why I think Stitches is more popular than Arkaedea (On the flipside, reason 2 and 3 is part of what I love about Arkaedea).

1) Stitches has been running for longer with more pages. It makes people more familiar with the characters and settings. Basically, if you have a friend you know since 2 years and one you know since 2 weeks, odds are you "care a bit more" for the one you've been knowing longer, even if they are both exactly as good and nice as the other.

2) Story progression less clear. In Stitches, we sort of view the world from the viewpoint of a Rii trapped in the Angel Institute. We know very little of the world outside the institute, but that's part of the mystery. There's little happening in the academy itself, so we know what "normal life" is there. The readers expect that someday there will be a big reveal (Lor leaving somehow and seeing the world outside, the wall breaking down or something similar), with some development on the way like Lor standing up for herself rather than blindly accepting punishment as she did earlier. We also see Lor and Niki's relationship progress, and there's an antagonist that people love to hate.

In Arkadea, it's a little less clear. Roxenne and Seth are part of the super squad that protects the academy from various trouble, yet they still are regular normal students at the same time learning very basic stuff like Teeri anatomy. We know how the dorms function, but not much else. It's obvious that the students there are much more free than the ones at the Angel Institute and there's no barriers from the outside world (They get transfer students, for example), but we still know nothing of the world, really. So, there's nothing to indicate that we'll get to know what the world is like outside the academy, unlike in Stiches where "Seeing the real world" is one of the main themes (Maybe I just happen to be too curious at what the world is like, though :)). Also, the storyline direction isn't focused yet: We don't know what to expect or look foward to yet. We know that there's been some mildly strange events happening at the academy so far, but little more than that. Rox and Seth's relationship is static so there's no major development expected there (See point #3), and we have no real antagonist either: Viktoria is suspicious due to Roxenne's distrust/jealousy of her, nothing more than that (I kinda like her actually :)). So in short, there's not much happening in Arkaedea so far, and there's nothing to indicate that anything major will happen either in the short term (Long term yes, as the source of the problems and so on become clear and the issues get bigger, but not short term).

3) Character development. In Stitches, we see the development of Lor and Niki's love and some personallity changes (such as Lor and Jak defying some rules). First we see Lor's annoyance of Niki's cooling down as time went by, and we saw her slowly start to enjoy her company. We cheered when they finally kissed, and we are wondering what is next for them. Will Lor follow Niki when she leaves? What will happen with them? Will Lor also start defying the bigger rules out of love for Niki? Will Niki change her own ways slightly?

In Arkaedea, we begun with Roxenne and Seth already in a wonderful, loving relationship with each other. Yes, Roxenne is a bit over protective and jealous, but beside that they are an absolutely beautiful couple. It doesn't leave too much positive growth to be done for them (Especially Seth).

IMPORTANT: Please note that for me, that aspect of Arkaedea is one of the main reasons I love it. It's extremely rare to see a story (Let alone a yuri story) with an established loving couple actually keep loving each other. Most yuri stories are: "I love that girl but I'm afraid to tell her. We eventually managed to confess out love to each other. We are happy now! The end." They usually end at the confession/acceptance of love. While I do love happy endings, I really would like stories to go beyond that. To have the actual "Living happily together" part depicted.

Arkaedea does that. Seth and Roxenne started out as a loving couple, and they still are. I absolutely adore that facet of the story.

Unfortunately, a story like that is usually less popular than the usual "falling in love" stories. A lot of readers don't feel as 'involved' in an existing relationship than they are in one they've seen grow by themselves (I don't personally feel that way so I might be wrong, but from reading and hearing people comments about various stories out there, that's what it sounds like for most people).

For one, I really hope that Seth and Roxenne beautiful relationship will keep holding strong throughout Arkaedea's story (And who knows, maybe have Roxenne a tiny bit less overprotective and jealous by the end :)). There's really 3 major general ways Arkaedea can go regarding.

If there's nothing major happening, it's just fine by me: It's sweet a romance story between two loving women with a fantasy setting. It would probably not win popularity contests, but for one I'd be extremely happy to read it until the end and I know I'm certainly not alone.
If there's major events, troubles and such happening, it's also fine: It's a fantasy adventure story with two female leads who love each other. This would probably be more popular than the first option, and I'd still be happily reading it until the very first page to the last one.
Finally there's the storyline where Seth and Roxenne breaks up and where they find new people, or eventually get back together after some ordeals, or one of them die and the other cry for her lost love... This probably would be the best option for popularity sake, but for one I'd be pretty upset and disapointed, but I'd still read it to the end :).

I personally really hope that Arkaedea will have Seth and Roxenne keeping their strong relationship with each other, even if it's not the most "popular" thing around.

But in the end... It's your story. Not mine, not anyone else. Changing your story to make it more popular or to fit other people interest is only ruining years of work in my opinion.

Does it really matters if Arkaedea doesn't have thousands upon thousands of readers? In the end, you get to tell your story the way you want to... And you still get grateful people like me who adore your stories like Stitches and Arkaedea just the way they are now :)

Unrelated PS: To be honest, Monday mornings are not always fun... However, unless it's one of those rare weeks I am really feeling out of it, I am always looking foward to read the new Stitches and Arkaedea pages during my morning break. It's the something that makes me look foward to monday mornings. And so, I can say that your stories literally brightens my work week. Thank you :)

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