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Author's Comments: yeaka, May 17th, 2010, 4:06 am

Replies on the last page. ;)

New Replies:

Remiiyu - I love you! ;O; I did actually feel pretty bad there for a moment, and it's funny you say the pull-it-down comment, because that did actually cross my mind as I don't get many comments for Arkaedea anyway, but then I thought of Ayra's comment last week and stopped. ^^; And I'm so glad for your reassurance, too! ;O; (Seriously, you brightened my day again! I really appreciate it. T_T)

And you don't need any toning help from me - your colouring is already stunning! ;O; I wish I had the copic marker skills you do. And I would DEFINITELY love an entry from you! But I already owe you some art. ;P It's been so long! Remind me when this contest is over (I set it to around the time I finish my whole Tea Tales/book drama so I'll have more time XD) and I'll draw you something anyway! :)

Kree - First of all, thank you for the defense! ;O;

And actually, by the time I sketch, fine-line, ink, clean-up and tone it, it takes a lot more than two hours... ^^; (And Arkaedea takes the longest of all of them, even the Tea Tales printed comics.) That's why it's easy to feel like it's not worth it sometimes - between all my comics I spend more hours a week on them than my actual job, except with zero monetary compensation. ;_;'' But I suppose that's the danger of being a starving artist, haha. ^^; ...I mean, I'm still happy with the decision, anyway, but sometimes it is a pain. :P

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User's Comments: Kree (Guest), May 17th, 2010, 5:17 am

Very lovely. :) Now this is a nice page to start my week with. Thanks!

Resubian (Guest), May 17th, 2010, 10:30 pm

As brutally honest as it is, I really, REALLY hate Arkaedea. It's been utterly confusing from start to finish. The first few pages promised me romance and color and yuri, and everything after that has been confusing and tame. Keep up the great work with Stitches though. Both feature beautiful drawing ^^

Remiiyu (Guest), May 18th, 2010, 1:55 am


I'm all for people having their own opinions and such; however, I don't think it's necessary for you to actually post that you hate the comic.
I'm sure every author of a comic welcomes constructive criticism, but a blunt "I really hate this" comment? So encouraging! :/
Anyone who uploads a comic did so mainly for their own satisfaction. Even just starting one's own comic is an achievement in itself. And yes, when uploaded to a public site there is hope of seeing if others enjoy the idea, but mainly it's for themselves. Anyone who creates a comic solely to please an audience shouldn't be drawing up comics in the first place. When people have a story that means something to them, they want to share it with people. It's a privilege to read someone else's work because with harsh people like you out in the community, it's no doubt nerve-wracking for them to reveal their work; there's always that worry of haters.
So to have one of those 'haters' write a negative comment that pretty much says "this idea you have come up with sucks", well, if it were me I'd feel like taking the whole comic off the site. Sadly, that'd leave all the people that DO like the comic unable to view it again/it's continuation. I highly doubt the fans of Arkadea would appreciate it if, due to one person's negativity, the whole thing was shut down.

I do hate having to respond to your post Resubian, but as brutally honest as it is, I really, REALLY hate people who tell the author straight up that their idea is horrible. What do you think is going to happen? She's going to change her story so that you will understand it better? Is she going to change her characters' personalities in order for you have the romance and yuri you were hoping for?

If people don't like a comic, then stop reading it. Period. Just don't feel like you have to have that one post that bashes the comic because you're also basically bashing the self-esteem of the author. Again, how encouraging for an artist is that! Wow~ :/


At the very least, I enjoy both of your comics. ^_^I definitely respect that you have the confidence to share your creative stories with people. I love your imagination; and of course, your artistic skill. <3 (I still need to learn how to tone as good as you!)
I will be submitting a pic for the contest! I definitely want a free commission from you @.@
I also need to draw Gemma up a b-day pic. Must...find...time! ^^

Resubian (Guest), May 18th, 2010, 8:38 pm


While I do appreciate the maturity and intelligence you showed while responding to me, I think my original comment went way over your head and that was a bit of an overreaction..

In my opinion, the storyline in Arkaedea is very confusing and lacking compared to the greatness of Stitches. This is not to say that Yeaka is not an amazing artist, because she is!

Don't go flaming me and calling me a hater for stating my opinion. I don't see why people who write webcomics get elevated to the status of demi-god when people who write books and movies and the like get flamed non-stop by blood-thirsty critics. They have feelings too.

I doubt Yeaka is as dramatic as you are, in that her feelings wont be utterly crushed by my comments. Based on her elaborate and wonderful characters, she seems to have a lot of personality and ingenuity in her, and I bet integrity comes along with that.

Her idea doesn't suck. I'm sure it's hard to write multiple comics at a time, let alone one at a time.

Resubian (Guest), May 18th, 2010, 8:41 pm

Edit: I wrote my original comment and meant to include something along the lines of "this page is really pretty and quite sexy, I'm glad you seem to be picking up that aspect again". Because, y'know, looking at the banner of either comic, you'd expect them to be..romantic, and so far Stitches has kept up the romance consistently while Ark goes up and down. Thaaat's all.

Remiiyu (Guest), May 18th, 2010, 10:58 pm


I'll admit that I did over-react so I apologize for that. Being a real-life friend of hers, I am just more sensitive to the comments she gets as, naturally, I hope for her only to succeed. ^^;
I've just seen other "negative" comments throughout Arkadea's progress so I guess it just happened to be yours that made me want to rebuttal. So I'm quite sorry for that as well.

Next time, I'll try to stay levelheaded.

And I will leave it at that so that this page isn't too overrun by our posts ^^;

Kree (Guest), May 19th, 2010, 10:06 pm


I'm not Yeaka's RL friend - just a fan. While I got what you were saying in context, that first sentence was very poorly worded; out of context it would be very inflammatory. Taking things in context, what you appear to have meant was that you were very disappointed with the way the story has been going. You felt cheated by the hints of romance that have not been fulfilled, and you are now dissatisfied with the current storyline but keep hoping things will change or else you would have given up on the comic.

Clearly since you are still here, you do not in fact hate the comic unless you are a lot more masochistic than I'm willing to give you credit for. Next time you wish to critique someone's creative efforts, I would suggest that you try putting a little more effort into searching your own feelings rather than taking the lazy, easy, dishonest way and "brutally" slamming them. I am not advocating false praise either; I merely feel that if you are going to express a negative opinion that you at least express it accurately to avoid situations like this; there is nothing brutal about constructive criticism.

tl;dr version: More honesty, less brutality and don't spend two minutes to slam something someone spent hours on.*

*I don't actually know how long it takes Yeaka, but considering the level of detail and that she actually bothers with backgrounds sometimes, I doubt she can do these in less than two hours. If she can, she seriously needs to go pro!

Resubian (Guest), May 20th, 2010, 3:35 pm


I understand


That was so wonderfully written that it had me in tears laughing from start to finish. I never expected anyone to take my comment too seriously. I agree that it was poorly written and expressed.

Given that you seem to have a good ten, twenty years of writing experience on me, maybe you'll cut me a break.

No, not being sarcastic.

Ayra, May 21st, 2010, 3:28 pm

I don't blame Seth for passing on that volleyball game: Since Miss Perfect is playing odds are that she'd be slaughtered! Roxenne sure looks like as if she wanted to give it a try, though...

I had an incredibly rought week (and it's not over yet until sunday evening :() so I'll pass on writing a huge essay regarding the current situation... Remiiyu and Kree summed up my own thoughts pretty well!

Thank you very much for the answer of last week. It's also very nice to see your own views regarding your stories and the reasons behind them! :)

Regarding the fan contest... There's a few major issues.

1) Different people have different things they are good at. By the same token, different people have different things they are bad at. Drawing is something I'm bad at... And the only thing I know is very simple pencil drawing.

2) I tried something far too ambitious compared to what I'm able to draw.

3) My plan was to do a sketch on whatever paper was at hand and try to redraw it better on actual white paper. That "sketch" ended up as not being a sketch. I pretty much started a bit sketchy, erased stuff when it didn't work at all, redrew it and when it looked okayish I blackened the lines a bit so that it sticked.
The problem is, I've spent upward of 6 hours in the last two weeks so far on that "sketch" and it's only 65-70% done. I erased so often that I was afraid at some point I'd go through the paper (hasn't happened yet fortunately). Even if I were to spend all my free time before next week (3 hours if I'm lucky), I'll barely have time to finish that 'sketch', let alone redrawing a new version. That sketch is drawn on white paper that has text printed on the other side and that I'm afraid the scanner might pick up but there's simply no way I can draw another version in a week.

I will finish it and I'll send it before the end of the month as promised... But it's pretty shameful of me.

You spend hours drawing absolutely amazing stuff for all of us to read/watch. It'd only be fair to be able to send decent fan art as a small "thank you". And the best I could do is something really bad. I'll have spent about 8 hours on something that'd take most people 5 minutes at worse to do (I'm unfortunately not exagerating at all). Heads are definitively too big, arms are too long, proportions between characters are off (I've barely ever drawn more than 1 character in a single drawing), it's on a paper where some text from the back of the page might peak through and I'll have to try to do some msPaint editting to patch up text since I ran out of space on my small sheet to write text in.

On the positive side, the basic idea I had behind the drawing sort of works, and it's actually one of my better drawings (I'd rank it 5th or so if the remaining 30% end up like the first 70%) so I suppose I should be proud of myself for it... It's just that as a gift it really doesn't cut it at all. But I don't have anything else to offer as a "thank you"...

I'll finish and e-mail it by next weekend, just... Please don't be offended and keep in mind that it's the intention that counts, alright? :)

And now I just went overtime on my break time so work time again...

whirly-twirly-fangirly (Guest), May 21st, 2010, 9:43 pm

LOVE YOUR COMIC I've been a big fan of your comic for quite some time. It's well written, light hearted and beautifully drawn. I've been meaning to submit art for your contest, as so-so as my art skills are, but my computer went down about a month ago. Believe me, I sat down for days until I finally had the perfect idea for art- I don't even remember most things that I don't like. Don't let one negative, and really well-worded but otherwise stupid and pointless arguement ruin a much loved story that many people probably don't comment on (like I didn't at one time) because they either don't have the time or don't feel their comments will do thier feelings on the artist/writer justice. Love your comic, keep the new pages coming.

Kree (Guest), May 21st, 2010, 10:57 pm

Happy to show my appreciation, Yeaka! Believe me, Monday I needed the extra smile I got from your comic; Mondays are often rough and this one certainly was! I can't decide for you whether it's all worth it, but I do appreciate not only the effort but the heart you put into your work. There's a gentleness in the faces of your protagonists that is really soothing to look at. I won't raise a fuss if you do decide you have to end this comic, but I will be disappointed, and like Whirly-Twirly-Fangirly said, I would hope you wouldn't end it over a negative comment or two.

Love and peace!

Ayra, May 23rd, 2010, 9:16 pm

"I would hope you wouldn't end it over a negative comment or two. "

Hear hear!

Regarding the fan contest, I got relatively good news this time for my entry! Where talent and experience fails, creativity can help partway. Okay, I still definitively won't be winning anything with it, but if it at least brings a smile it'll be a win of some sort by itself :)

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