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Author's Comments: yeaka, May 24th, 2010, 2:29 am

(Really random sketch, I know. Moving on...)

So sorry for lack of pages this week! Remember that Stitches novel I wrote waaay back before any of these comics? Well, I've FINALLY gotten around to publishing it, but unfortunately my more-than-ten-year old computer doesn't want to support the programs I need to format it properly. ^^; So I've basically been stuck troubleshooting all week, but hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end. Anywho, hoping to get it printed as soon as I can, and I'll keep you all posted. ^^

Thank you so much for reading, and for all your lovely comments! :D


Ayra - Ah! You recognize one of my reoccuring background characters! I love you! :D

As for the contest, I assure you that NOTHING you could submit as fanwork would ever offend me. Seriously. :) Of course I see it as the thought that counts, and any time I get anything from a fan I'm ecstatic to see what they came up with and how they view my characters. And as an artist I'm aware that even the smallest of doodles can involve a major chunk of the artist's time/effort/heart. Just knowing someone spent that on my story is a hude reward, and anything else is just bonus! :)

Unfortunately these contests are so hard to judge... :P It doesn't seem one hundred percent fair whether I judge it just on the talent or just on the concept, which is why I always use the "sheer awesomeness" term. ^^; It's still an awkard, not-perfect system, and it's also awkward being basically the only judge... but, alas, there seems to be no truly perfect system, and someone has to win, or it wouldn't be a contest and it wouldn't provide motivation. XP But that's also why I try to say "fanworks" instead of just "fanart" - stories/poems/art, whatever - anything that shows you care is going to make my day. :D

But you don't really have to worry about that - I've gotten some really great comments from you a couple of times, and I already light up when I see your username in my inbox. ;)

Anyway, I'm sorry you had a bad week, and officially wishing you a better up-coming one! ;O;

whirly-twirly-fangirly - Thank you! I'm glad to hear both that you like it and you're submitting an entry - looking forward to it. :D And no worries, I'm just glad the argument got solved without me having to get too crazy involved, haha. ^^; I've just had a rough time with this comic, but overall it's still totally worth it, and I really do think I'll be seeing it through to the end. :)

Kree - Happy to hear it! :D Anywho, like I was justing saying above, while it can be a pain sometimes (especially with that pesky real life always getting in the way...) it also can be hugely rewarding, like all these last comments were! I definitely think I'll be seeing Arkaedea through to the end, even if it is a bit of a rollercoaster ride... after all, a lot of the things I want to touch on in the Stitches sequal needed to be explained first in Arkaedea, so I guess I have no choice, haha. XD I guess that's what I get for tying everything together so much, lol. ;)

Thanks again, and I'm glad to hear that you find their faces gentle/soothing. :) Sometimes I worry about my stories/art being a bit boring, but calming is what I'm really going for. And it's nice to hear that I'm making it. ;)

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User's Comments: Ayra, May 24th, 2010, 5:30 pm

"I assure you that NOTHING you could submit as fanwork would ever offend me"

I'll take your word for it! Submission sent :) It might be too big for your inbox though: I made a .rtf containing a 85k jpg and 5k worth of text, and it magically becomes 13mb when combined together. Zipped is about 1.8m, so I sent that. If you don't receive it, please mention it so I can simply send the text and image separately.

Oh! It might be a good idea to write on the front page of Stitches or Arkaedea what is your e-mail in the contest entry. I had to dig through the "about" section to find what e-mail to send the contest submissions to.

Congratulations about getting your novel published! Make sure to mention where to buy it from once it's done: I sure want to grab a copy! :)

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