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Author's Comments: yeaka, July 4th, 2010, 12:14 am

I know this doesn't really have anything to do with Arkaedea, but it does explain the lack of page, and does have to do with lesbian ficiton. X3 Anywho...

The Stitches novel is officially published/available! Check it out here:

Warning everyone now that the writting style is a tad odd/unique, the story is exactly like the webcomic except more detailed, and the price is as low as I could make it without losing money. For anyone wanting a test-read, there's always (old) samples of my writing style in the gallery section. ...Even though I did write this thing years ago, I am still rather fond of it. And I do hope that anyone looking for a new (crazy) lesbian read gives it a shot. ;)

I just wanted to say a quick thank you SO, SO much to all of my readers, and everyone who's commented over the years. I would never have gotten around to printing it without you! ;O;

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User's Comments: Jayu (Guest), July 5th, 2010, 9:50 am

Congrats on the book!
But I still can't figure out which position this is in...Don't think it's againts the it on the floor?
Gotta know cuz I LUUV it!!

Kirara, July 6th, 2010, 4:31 am

To bad I can't own anything like that... I would read it if it was free online though, if that means anything.

SapphireSophilia, July 6th, 2010, 11:04 am

WOOT! Congratzi on getting your book on amazon

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